Rewrite Advisory Panel disestablished

The Rewrite Advisory panel was disestablished by the Minister of Revenue in late 2014. See the Minister's announcement on 2 December 2014 for more information.

Inland Revenue will still consider any unintended legislative change issues as part of its remedial work programme. You can continue to submit these on the Rewrite Advisory Panel website.

The content from this site and submitting of unintended legislative change issues will move to in early 2016.


Rewrite Advisory Panel

The Rewrite Advisory Panel (the Panel) was established in 1995 to consider and advise on issues arising during the rewriting of the Income Tax Act 1994.

The Panel consists of a chairman and representatives from Inland Revenue, The Treasury, the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants and the New Zealand Law Society.

In 2004 the Minister of Revenue invited the Panel to take on an additional role to consider potential unintended change issues arising under the ITA 2004. It was anticipated that such issues may arise from the redrafted and restructured Parts of the Act.

In 2007 the Panel was invited to consider potential unintended changes arising under the ITA 2007.

In 2007 the Panel was further invited to monitor and report back to Ministers on the ITA 2007 and its continuing consistency with the objectives of the Rewrite project.

There are many legislative maintenance items which have been or are being attended to through the standard legislative processes.  See the maintenance items log to view these items.

In March 2010, the Minister of Revenue announced that the role of the Panel was being expanded to include remedial matters that do not arise from the ITA Rewrite project.

The Panel is only able to deal with particular issues on which the Minister of Revenue calls for submissions. These issues do not include matters that have already been accepted for the tax policy work programme.

In late 2014 the Rewrite Advisory Panel was disestablished.